3 Alternative Christmas Ideas With The Kids




I know, I know – it’s far too early to start talking about Christmas. But all of a sudden, here we are; midway through August and approaching September already. If you are planning to do anything a little different for this year’s festive period, then you should be making inroads around about now. After all, once the schools start again and the nights begin to draw in, you may not have the time. Well, that’s my excuse anyway!  


So, I’ve been thinking of a few ideas to make Christmas all the more memorable for the kids. I’m not sure that I like the way that the festive period has become ever so commercial. So I’m keen to give the children more experiences than pointless gifts under the tree. They would – inexplicably – prefer the latter, of course! But with any luck we’ll be able to show them a different side to the holiday season than rampant consumerism. Here’s what is currently on the list.


A Christmas Day swim


I’ve always wanted to head down to Brighton one Christmas to join in with the annual Christmas Day swim that they hold down there. Unfortunately, the council have put a stop to it because of safety concerns – which is a real shame. However, I’ve been looking around for an alternative and found out they do a Christmas Day swim in Exmouth, too. Will I make it this year? I’m hoping to, for sure. But persuading the other four members of my family to get out of their Christmas PJs and into their swimmers might prove a little difficult.




OK, so this is highly unlikely at the moment. Skiing is incredibly expensive – especially when you have three children in tow. Plus, I’m not sure that they are quite old enough to make the most of it. But there is no doubt whatsoever that if I spot an affordable deal, I’ll be up that mountain faster than you can say, Santa Claus. I can’t think of a more perfect way of spending Christmas than cruising around with a pair skis on snow-covered mountains lined with fir trees. Except, perhaps…


A trip to Lapland


Right, so this is veering towards the commercial side of Christmas – I know. But forget about seeing Father Christmas in his natural habitat, Lapland has been on our bucket list for many years now. We’ve been to Sweden several times, but only ever stayed in the south. However, the north – and a Lapland holiday – has always appealed. It’s a lot wilder than the south, and there are plenty of bears, wolves and enormous moose roaming around – although it’s rare to see them. But our primary point of going there is to admire the scenery, and going over the Christmas period has that magical attraction. I’m convinced the kids will love it – and yes, we probably will go to see Santa.


OK, so what are the chances of any of these happening? Well, the swim is most definitely on the cards. And, if those lottery numbers come in, then maybe we can squeeze in all three. Until then, perhaps, they will remain a dream.

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