5 Digital Skills That You Should Teach Yourself This Summer

The real leaders in business (and life) never stop learning. They’re always teaching themselves new skills and pursuing new hobbies. It’s this quest for new knowledge and understanding that sets the best apart. When it comes to modern business, self-learning is vital. With modern technology, everything you learnt at school has gone out of the window. The new world demands an intricate knowledge of technology and the skills that come with it. How many of these skills do you know?

  1. Simple web coding

In the 21st Century, everything exists online. Every business or freelancer needs a strong online presence. That all begins with a dedicated website. Of course, you can now build a website with nothing but simple templates. However, if you want to create a unique web-space, it helps to know a little HTML and CSS. If that sounds like gobbledigook, then it’s definitely time to invest in some simple coding tutorials. It’s super easy to pick up the basics, and it will help you create all sorts of web content.

  1. How to use Excel (properly)

Excel is one of those pieces of software we like to think we know how to use. But, Excel is so much more than making a quick table for your accounts. There are wonderful equations and automatic functions that make the platform a joy to use. It’s still the most popular software when it comes to accounting and data collection. You will come across it for the rest of your career. So learn it… Properly!

  1. Writing skills

I can already see you mouthing, “But I can already write”, at your computer screen. That may be true, but can you write well? There’s a big difference, and one that we aren’t all comfortable admitting. When it comes to writing for the internet, there’s a very specific skill involved. There’s a reason why copywriters make a small fortune for their work. Learn how to craft a compelling blog post or article. Learn how to write convincing and intriguing web copy too. Trust us, it will always come in handy.

  1. Photoshop

The internet is built around photos and images. The biggest social platforms revolve around photoshopped content. Every future business will rely on quality editing and photoshopping. Whether it’s simple image enhancing or full-scale redesigns, those skills are as fundamental as arithmetic in the modern world. You could start with a free alternative like Gimp or Paint.NET to learn the basics.

  1. App and game building

It’s hard to imagine that just ten years ago, apps were a brand new invention. The iPhone was barely a year old. Now, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Every business is desperate to build its own app or create a game. One of the main ‘languages’ or platforms to build an app is called ‘Python’, and it’s easier than you think to learn. You can take a beginner course of Python training at Simplilearn, for example.

Arm yourself with these awesome digital skills, and you’ll prepare yourself for any job on the market. Good luck!




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