Amazing Ways to Temporarily Transform a Rental Home

When you rent a house, you can be limited in how you can decorate or alter it. Depending on your tenancy agreement, you might not be able to change the carpets or even paint the walls without asking your landlord or estate agency’s permission. In order to get around this, decorating your rented home requires a bit of creativity. You need to decorate in a way that’s easily reversible. This way you can leave the property exactly as you found it when it’s time to move on.

Ask Permission to Paint

You’ll find that many landlords or estate agents in Rayleigh and elsewhere will allow you to paint if you ask permission first. Keep in mind that if the walls are originally a plain white or magnolia, you might be asked to paint back to the original colour when you leave. It could be best to pick a colour that’s easily painted over. A very dark or bright colour will take more effort to cover up.

Temporary Wallpaper and Wall Decals

Believe it or not, you can buy temporary wallpaper. The clever stuff sticks to your wall but can be easily peeled off, leaving the original surface underneath. There’s no mess and no major interior decorating involved. Just stick it on and peel it off when you’ve finished with it. The method comes with the bonus of being able to decorate more often. If you’re bored with the paper, pull it off and try another one. Removable wall decals are easy to get hold of too. You can also find them for bathroom tiles.


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Use Rugs or Temporary Flooring

Your landlord might not be quite as keen to let you alter the floors in any way. If they are unwilling to change the carpets or floors, but you’re desperate for a change, offer to pay for it yourself. Otherwise, try using rugs to hide that ugly carpet or keep your feet from touching the cold wooden floors. Another option is putting down a temporary wooden floor. You can get floor tiles to lay over your carpet, which you can then remove and take with you when you move. Water-resistant tiles are available too, in case you want to cover a bathroom floor, patio or deck.

Divide Up a Room

You obviously can’t add an extension or knock through any walls in rental home, but you can split rooms up. By using a screen, or several, you can split a room into two for different purposes (or perhaps different children). A bookcase, wardrobe or other piece of storage also works excellently for this purpose. It depends on how temporary you want it to be. Folding screens can be put away whenever you want, while bookcases can’t be.

Don’t let living in a rental property limit your creativity. Don’t let it force you to sit and look at a room you hate the look of either. It is possible to make changes to your home that aren’t permanent.


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