Check Out These Fun Ways To Use A Deck Of Cards

I love playing cards. A deck of cards is small and portable. It can fit in most pockets. Best of all, there are dozens of cool things you can do with cards. They are great for keeping yourself entertained. They’re even better for keeping other people entertained too. If your phone battery has just died, pull out a deck of cards and try some different ways to achieve procrastination bliss this summer.

If you are patient, and you have a steady hand, you can build yourself an awesome card tower. This is best done indoors, in a draft-free environment. You’ll also need a steady table and some means to keep every other person well away from your building efforts. It all starts with two walls and a platform. Now you can continue building as high as your deck of cards, and your disposition will take you.


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Card tricks are a cool way to amaze your mates. If you know one or two, you can keep other people entertained for ages. Best of all, it makes you the centre of attention for a while too! The old ‘Is this your card’ trick is a firm favourite. It keeps your audience and participants guessing for ages how you did it.

Some card tricks are better when you have a partner in on it. You can then perform more and more complex magic to amaze and wow your friends. It’s a great way to meet new people too. Why not set up in the mall and perform some street magic? If you have permission, you can even use it to raise some cash like busking.

Of course, if you’re all alone on a rainy day, there is nothing better than a good game of Patience. It is thought there are over three hundred different solitaire or single-person card games you can play. Some require two or more decks of cards to play. Lots of them involve nothing more than the luck of the draw to win. Others require some skill and ability.

There is nothing stopping you creating your own card games either. Whether you are good at coming up with wild and whacky rules or not, you can have fun trying. Perhaps you can figure out a few card tricks too. You could have fun testing them out at your next party. Many famous magicians started their careers with just a card trick or two.

In this digital world, it can be tempting to play card games on your iPad or computer at work. But a real deck of cards is the perfect excuse to switch off the machines. They’re more personal, and you can get far more creative with real cards too.

Let’s face it, card throwing challenges could end up being quite expensive with an iPad! Flying Cards is a great game to play with other budding magicians too. You can set up some office waste bins around the room. Label them up then score points for each one you get a card into.

Cards are low-tech but incredibly versatile. They’re great fun with or without friends. What do you fancy playing today?

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