How To Inject Creativity Into Your Job Right Now

Not every job gives us the freedom to get creative. Often, we’re stuck performing the same old tasks in a dull routine. What happened to creativity? What happened to exciting ideas and future plans? No matter how repetitive your job, there’s always a way to inject colour and creativity into your work.

Doing this will help you unlock a new lease of life. You’ll come up with fresh ideas and modern concepts. It might just be the kick you need to get more from your career. If nothing else, you’ll spark creative thoughts that will bring life to your company. It helps to take a fresh perspective on things, and inject some personality into your projects! Here’s how you can do that.



Use a whiteboard – If your meetings always turn up the same dull ideas, try something new. Get the whole team using whiteboards, or some big visual platform. Let ideas and concepts fly and write them down in big bold letters. Draw and get creative with how you express the ideas. Chances are it will spark an idea in someone else, and eventually you’ll find a new path. Most people are visual learners and thinkers. So, get those ideas up where everyone can see them.

Make greetings cards for the office – Actively take the time to do something creative for the office. You can do this around the holidays by creating fun greetings cards for clients and customers. If you don’t fancy the sticky process of making real cards, use an ecard service like instead. You can still get creative with the designs and unleash your artistic side. Get the whole team involved in creative tasks like this now and then. It breaks up the monotony and lets you get artistic.

Write down everything – So many of us get stuck because we live inside our heads. Creativity is very difficult to harness and manipulate in the head alone. You’ve got to let it flow onto paper and take real form. If you’re struggling to get started on a project or presentation, just start writing. It doesn’t matter if it’s all gibberish to start with. The important thing is to write something. That will spark something else and you’ll slowly get there.

Decorate the office – It’s hard to feel creative in a lifeless, grey office. Instead, pitch in with your fellow employees and decorate the office. It doesn’t have to be anything too wild. Just make it your own! Start by tidying up and taking proud in the environment. Then bring in personal items from home, and start injecting personality and life into your surroundings. This approach actively increases productivity and creativity.

Draw – Sometimes, it’s impossible to find the right words. You can’t get the advert copy right, or you can’t find the best words for a presentation. Try giving up on words for a minute. Draw your thoughts instead! It might sound silly, but it helps translate your ideas to a real world scenario. Your brain will get a fresh perspective on it, and slowly you’ll find the words to match.

There you have it, folks! It’s time to get creative and try a different approach in the office. Let us know how you unleash your creative juices.


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