Your Next Home Should Feature A Large Garden – Here’s Why

If you grew up and lived in a flat, you might not appreciate the advantages that a garden can bring. Yes, the upkeep of them can be hard work and expensive, but the rewards are there. Living in a tower block is a lifestyle to which many aspire in the modern world. There is a lot to say for it, but today we are going to investigate why your next home should feature a large garden. I think you will find the arguments compelling.

4634608769_4ebed5628d_zJames Lee

Your Children

If all your kids have ever known is the balcony outside your flat, they are missing out. Most people find that when they have children, the garden becomes their domain for the foreseeable future. It is a place where they can get outside and soak up some vitamin D as they play. The fresh air is good for them, and their imaginations can soar as the world of possibilities presents itself. Here are a few features that most children enjoy in the garden.

  • A sandpit lets them dig and have fun without ruining the flower beds. Make sure is has a cover on it when it is not in use or the local cats will use it as a toilet.

  • Kids love garden swings, and they are cheap these days.

  • A slide is another feature that needn’t cost a lot.

If you provide these things and a space to play, the kids will do the rest.


It isn’t all about the children. When you browse home listings in the Chippenham area, identify gardens that lend themselves to entertaining. When you move from the flat, you can invite your friends and family around for social gatherings on a balmy summer evening. If the garden already has the facilities to entertain, you are onto a winner, but you can always add them later if there is room. Think about  a patio where you can sit and relax, or if you are lucky, an outdoor bar that you can stock and use to your heart’s content. That sounds ideal; I’m sure you agree.


People who have gardens often get more exercise than those that don’t. It isn’t only the maintenance that gets you off the sofa and gives you a workout; you can play games out there too. Anything that gets you on your feet and moving about has to be beneficial. Here are a few games you could play in your lush back garden.

  • Croquet. If you enjoy hitting your black and blue balls with a hammer, take up croquet. There is more skill to it than you may think.

  • Bowls. Bowls is a sedate sport, but you must walk up and down the green and bend over to reach them. That is all good exercise.

  • Putting. Make a few holes in the ground and perfect your skills on your new  putting green. Golf is as popular as ever, and friends can become competitive over a game.

I hope you can now appreciate the benefits of a garden. They are magical places that fulfill many of your needs, even though you might not realise you have them yet. Though you enjoy living in a flat, when you move to a house with land, you will never look back; take my word for it.

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