What Are the Pros and Cons of a Customer Focused Approach?

Web consultants have to be able to understand all the different approaches to the internet and IT. This allows them to decide which kind of approach is best for each business they work with. One of the most popular approaches at the moment is the customer focused approach. So, what are the pros and cons of it?


To put it plainly, an approach that focuses on the needs of the customer will help to increase customer satisfaction. This might sound like a pretty obvious thing to say, but it’s still true! Customer satisfaction is vital for so many reasons. If a business relies on customers coming back for more, it’s essential that those customers are satisfied with the service and product they receive. If they’re not satisfied, they simply won’t return in the future.

Companies that are focused on the needs of the customer tend to have better and more innovative ways of dealing with complaints. Staff need to be trained correctly so that they can deal with problems as they arise. Customers will only come back after having a bad experience if they feel like their complaint has been dealt with in a proper and helpful way. This will, in the long-term, help to build customer loyalty, which can be very important.

When customers have a good experience with an online business, they tend to tell their friends. And this means increased custom for the business. This is one of the big advantages of making a website focused on what the customer wants and needs. It’s also a good way of keeping the organisation focused on the important things. When employees aren’t focused on the end user, they tend to create things that they think are important, but the customer might disagree. For consultants that offer conversion optimization services, it’s vital to remain focused on the customers. This is because their sole aim is to engage more with those customers.


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There are some bad things about focusing too heavily on the needs of the customer though. For example, the customer might not alway be right. Yes, the customer know what he or she wants, but the best businesses give customers something they didn’t know wanted. This is what separates the average businesses from the great ones that innovate and push forward with new ideas. So, focusing on the customer can often lead to a lack of innovation and creativity.

Also, what customers want is changing all the time. And is it really a good idea to be chasing the customer around all the time, trying to give them what they want? Or is it smarter to be leading the way and showing the customer what he or she should want? This is not an easy question to answer because there are risks and rewards of both options. If you try to keep up with customer demands, you’ll have to have the money and resources to change your strategy repeatedly as the demands change.

Focusing on what the customer wants can be a great way to instill loyalty, but there are risks to the approach. So, always weigh up the rewards of alternative approaches before coming to a decision.


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